We offer Sezzle - Buy Now, Pay Later! Free Shipping over $75!


Is there an order minimum for Sezzle?

Yes, an order has to be atleast $40 to use Sezzle. 

Does Sezzle run a credit check?

Sezzle does not run a hard credit check and they do not report to any credit bureaus. 

Will I be approved for Sezzle? 

Most likely, Sezzle has an 82% approval rate. 

How Does Sezzle Work? 

When a customer is approved, Sezzle pays the bill in full to Bratty and Bossy and the product then ships to the customer. The customer must pay 25 percent of the total purchase cost upfront. The remaining 75 percent is paid bi-weekly over the next six weeks. There is no interest charged on the loan and the customer pays the purchase price divided by four.

Example: If you purchase an item for $40. You pay $10 to Sezzle the day you order. Then you make a $10 payment bi-weekly until you are paid in full. 

What is your return policy? 

Bratty and Bossy is willing to accept returns. We do not provide clients with a refund unless an item is damaged. However, you must reach out within 7 days of receiving the item to info@brattyandbossy.com with pictures of the damaged item. The refund will not include shipping.  Other reasons for returning, will receive a store credit to be used within 60 Days. 


Can I return sale items? 

Items purchased on sale can not be returned.


Where do I ship my return? 

Upon reaching out to Bratty and Bossy via email at info@brattyandbossy.com within the first 7 days, you will receive the information of where to send your return and a return form to complete. 


Do I have to pay to return an item? 

Yes, the client is responsible for covering the cost to return an item. 


How long does it take for my order to be shipped? 

We ship out items with in 3 days. Once the item is shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number to track your item. 


How do you ship items?  

We ship items via USPS. 

How do I get in contact with Bratty and Bossy?

Email us at info@brattyandbossy.com or give us a call/text us at (404) 913-2561. We respond to emails within 24 hours. Reach out to us via phone/text for a quicker response. 


How can I cancel or change my order? 

Please contact us with in 24 hours after placing your order via email at info@brattyandbossy.com or by phone at (404) 913-2561. 


How do I know if I placed my order? 

You will receive an order confirmation via email.If  you notice your order or address is not correct, please contact us at info@brattyandbossy.com within 24 hours. 


What do I do if I don't receive my order?

If you do not receive your order on the scheduled day of delivery based on the tracking information, please contact us via email at info@brattyandbossy.com or (404)913-2561.